About BSH

“BSH” is an engineering company with an expert and committed team, a leader in innovation and productivity in meeting engineering needs.
We are proud of our extensive experience in the broadcasting, industry, design, development, installation and implementation of high-power TV transmitters and high-power FM radio transmitters across the country and management of important projects and deep technical expertise.
BSH specializes in using IOT and AI technologies to revolutionize the way businesses operate.
With our advanced solutions, we help develop intelligent systems, intelligent management, implement predictive analytics and create innovative automation solutions in industries.




BSH projects

  1. Installation and commissioning of high power TV and FM radio transmitters
  2. Implementation of frequency change of high power FM transmitters and combiners
  3. Implementation of the earthing system using the equalization method in all stations to prevent lightning damage in TV and FM radio stations.
  4. Installing the TV and FM antenna system on the broadcasting masts
  5. Project manager for the design and installation of 1000 low-power television stations (P1000) in the border and deprived areas of the country within a year.
  6. Analysis and investigation of all the problems in 45 towers of high-power AM radio stations throughout the country
  7. Converting the analogue sources of the Broadcasting Organization’s archive to digital, which was implemented for the first time in the country
  8. Implementation of FM plan for high and medium power stations across the country in cooperation with Takta Company


  1. Designing the water structures of the sewage treatment plant with SAP 2023 software with calculation notes and preparation of construction drawings
  2. Design of concrete and steel buildings with SAP and ETABS software with calculation notes and preparation of construction drawings with AutoCAD software
  3. Design of industrial sheds with SAP software with calculation notebook and preparation of building plans with AutoCAD software.
  4. Design of water structures for sewage treatment plant and design of concrete water tanks of 1000-30000 cubic meters.
  5. Design of buried and semi-buried concrete tanks of 1000 to 30000 cubic meters with SAP 2023 software with calculation notes and preparation of construction drawings


Preparing and presenting a comparative analysis article on the capabilities, limitations and benefits of IOT and PLCs in industrial automation for TELUS Company



Article on the impact of IOT and BMS in buildings, offices, industries, agriculture and hospitals for TELUS Company


Preparation and presentation of the article by Arezoo Amjadi

Special projects


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) play a very important role on the Internet of Things (IOT), consisting of small, low-power devices known as sensors.

Using the Internet of Things technology, a UAV can be seen as a connected terminal device in the pervasive network, where many other UAVs communicate in real time and beyond the line of sight – they are guided, controlled and monitored.

The integration of UAVs with IOT can lead to a UAV-based UIOT system and facilitate various services from the sky to the ground.

UAVs has greatly changed the perspective of users, doctors, engineers and researchers in various application fields such as disaster management, structural inspection, delivery and transportation of goods, localization, mapping, pollution monitoring, search and Rescue, health care, mining, agriculture.

The advancements provided by UAVs are countless and have led to the full integration of UAVs as smart objects on the Internet of Things.

              Design and manufacture of Sepehr UAVs

Sepehr UAVs are optimized for vertical flight and VTOL platforms for surveillance, aerial mapping, monitoring, and intelligence….

Designer and manufacturer of Sepehr UAVs:

Mr. Amirreza Amjadi, civil engineer and CEO of SPM Technical Engineering and Knowledge Base Company

Patented: mapping with UAVs without ground control points

 (Intellectual Property Center of Defense Industries Research Training Institute)

Patented: mapping with UAVs without ground control points

Mapping and intelligence projects with UAVs & VTOLS

Technical specifications and performance of UAVs & VTOLs


Photogrammetry UAV

PhoeniX Plus

V-Hawk Pro

Easy Caster

Live audio transmission system(Easycaster)

A suitable tool for simple, fast, cheap and uninterrupted quality live voice communication for voice reportage units and journalists through the telecommunication network, mobile internet modems, mobile phone data and without using systems such as FM or SNG transmitters with minimal equipment. Such as laptops and mobile phones. Two-way audio and text interactive communication and displaying the geographical location of the reporter is a unique feature of this system

Easy Effect 

Sound effect playback system (Easy Effect)

Sound effects are very practical and effective in audio and video productions.

Sound effects can have a great effect in creating a sense of companionship with the audience. Sounds like the sound of rain, typing, mouse click, noise… can convey a better feeling to the audience.

Features of the initial version of the software:

Has a bank of sound effects

Ability to add and remove effects

Automatic preparation of the list of available audio files

Ability to browse and select effects

Providing icons related to each type of sound

The possibility of choosing the user’s favorite icon for the sound effect

Setting the volume level for each item separately

Determine the number of repetitions of each item

Delay time between iterations

Simultaneous execution of several sound effects

The possibility of playing music in addition to the effect

Ability to develop based on the needs of experts

Support and development


Numerous projects in the design of water structures

Design of water and sewage treatment plants

Design of concrete water tanks


Part of the aerial mapping projects carried out by VTOLS & UAVS from several mines in Iran

Hard areas, difficult to pass and inaccessible by human resources

  • Miduk Copper Mine

  • Miduk Copper Mine

  • Miduk Copper Mine

  • Iran Central Iron Ore - Bafq

  • Iran Central Iron Ore - Bafq

  • Iran Central Iron Ore - Bafq

  • Sarcheshmeh Copper Mine

 International Exhibition of Iran GEO 2023

A summary of the interview of IRIB reporters with Sepehr Pardazhan Majd (SPM) Technical Engineering and Knowledge Based Company at the Iran Geo 1402 exhibition about the construction, production and application of VTOLs

 International Exhibition of Iran GEO 2022

 International Exhibition of Iran GEO 2021

BSH Team

Hossein Ali Amjadi

Electronic engineer from Tehran University of Science and Technology

CEO of BSH Company

Arezoo Amjadi

Agricultural engineer and Building Smartization Expert


1. International certificate of Smartization from KNX Association

2.Introduction and Programming with IOT Boards

 From University

(POSTECH) / Pohang University of Science and Technology

Chief of the Board of BSH Company

Amirreza Amjadi

Civil Engineer and CEO of SPM Technical Engineering and Knowledge based company

Patented: mapping with UAVs without ground control points

Member of the Board of BSH Company

Azadeh Amjadi

Civil engineer and master’s degree in hydraulic structures

Member of the Board of BSH Company

Mahdi Jalili

Civil Engineer

Lecturer and project management consultant

The project manager of BSH Company

Fahime Aghaei

Civil Engineer

Project manager of BSH Company

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